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This functional belt is crafted from distressed cow leather with such
lenght of around two meters so it can round many times one's hips
or waist. The wrapping of this belt around the human body is
provoked by just as in nature the snake will seize its prey. Creating
the illusion of one everlasting circle this belt formes the charmony
in an infinite repeat.
The front of the belt is with diverse texture whilst the graphite black
tonality passes into the different tones of the monochrome. The
back part is formed by thick fibrous suede in the tonality of the light
grey. Created from two leather fragments each with 2 metal prongs
and 20 wholes its fastening is possible by undefined number of
ways dictated by it's carrier. Both ends are finished with triаngular
form - reference to the abbreviation of the concept 'Minoar'
This piece can be worn by one in union with any other garment for
a complete silhouette.